January 5, 2024

Malcolm and Kerry Bishop donate Historic Stables

Malcolm & Kerry Bishop of Carringbush donated their 173 year old nail-less historic horse stables which were built on their Property Werai Station. We thought it would be an excellent  fit for The Moulamein Heritage Village. We worked with Committee Member Graeme Nalder and had it moved into the Heritage Village where the Community could enjoy it and also the tourists can also enjoy it. It was long past it’s use by  date on a busy Station.

When the Committee and helpers came out to Werai to move The Stables they also brought their Approved Historian with them who was organising the move. In dismantling the stables they had to document it all piece by piece in order to reassemble them. There were thousands of pieces and they were moved by semi-trailers.

The restoring of the stables took some time with the interruption of Covid19. But the contents of the stables was packed very well and they were rebuilt very easily with great precision. There is also some saddlery there now as well. So if you are travelling through Moulamein make sure you have time to stop at the Moulamein Heritage Village and have a good look around.